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April 26, 2017

Seven Years

Today is April 26, 2017. Seven years ago on today was the worst day of my entire life. My Son Greggy was killed in a car crash, he was 18 years, 7 months, & 24 days old. God knows how hard that was. Losing my boy, my flesh & blood, his future. It has made me into a different person that I don't always recognize. It hasn't gotten easier, the pain and despair are still real. I know he is in Heaven, I believe in God and I believe I will hold him, kiss him, laugh at his silliness Until I see his sweet face, those big blue eyes with them long eyelashes and hear him say " I love you Mommy" I will be broken. I will never stop saying his name & talk about him as if he were in the same room with me. He will forever be with me and live in my heart. Until I take my last breath I will not let his memory die.
I miss you & love you forever my Greggy Jr.

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