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September 26, 2014

4 Years & 5 Months...

How dare it be over 4 years since Greggy died! It feels like yesterday, the pain is still just as raw... I think about my sister-in-law who lost her dughter to suicide on 7-10-14... It really is still raw for her... She just got her daughters autopsy report and it hit her & her husband like a ton of bricks. How dare we both lose a child, in the same family! My shrine for Greggy is now for Sarah too. I feel so bad for her parents & brother. Life is so precious and we need to tell our loved ones that we love them now and not to wait until they die...

We all told our child that we loved them, before they died...
I told Greggy in a text the night before and Trish told Sarah the night before as well.

Me & Greggy
9-2-1991 --- 4-26-2010
Forever 18

Sarah & Trish
7-24-1991 --- 7-10-2014
Forever 22

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