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August 12, 2014

Keeping Memories Alive...

Keeping memories alive...when our child dies, we often fear that we will forget them. We fear that we may forget what they look like, their fragrance, their smile or the sound of their laughter. For a long time, those were my fears.
I remember a dream I had with my daughter shortly after her death; it was a still photo. I awoke that morning thinking why a photograph, why was it a image of her only? What did it mean? Looking back now I realize that it was my fear of forgetting her, of not having my daughter physically present, only her photographs.
But in time, I came to realize that I haven't forgotten her, will never forget her, I can't forget her. She is on my mind each and every day, and simple things remind me of her presence. So many subtle reminders that she is still very much a part of my life.
The reminders and the memories all serve to remind us that our child is still very much an important part of our lives; that they will never be forgotten, and they remain ever present in our hearts.
Love is felt even over the chasm that is left by death. We feel their presence, walking beside us, in even the most subtle of ways, and our memories and what we do to relive them, reinforces the love we shared and continue to share with our child.

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