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August 13, 2014

Inside your Heart...

Don't weep for me when I'm gone, 
Because I'll always be there. 
My spirit will exist in all the earth, 
In the water, trees, and air. 
You'll hear me say, "I love you", 
In the whisper of a breeze. 
You'll know that I'm beside you, 
With the rustling of the leaves. 
You'll feel my arms caress you, 
In the warmth of each sunrise. 
The moon will be my goodnight kiss, 
The stars my watchful eyes. 
Your life will be my legacy, 
Your memories my epitaph. 
These ties will bind us together, 
Till we meet on heaven's path. 
I'll not ever desert you, 
We'll never be far apart. 
I'll live within you always, 
Nestled deep inside your heart...

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