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August 4, 2014

As Time Passes...

As time passes, people return to their ordinary lives,
while grieving parents no longer have ordinary lives.
They are redefining themselves,
and they are at a loss at how to move forward.
The people who even now, still say my son's name,
still Private Message
me on his love of family, friends,
work, school, cars, coffee, & helping people,
continue to help me through my days,
simply by remembering him.
How easy it is to look away from grief,
as if it might be contagious, or too frightening to face.
Somehow, the seasons will change,
the anniversaries will stack up one after the other.
We learn, unbelievably, to smile again.
We will buy food & make dinner and change jobs,
and buy clothes and celebrate and travel.
We will go on. But there will always, always,
be this grief, softened and dulled after years
of grieving, but present every minute of every day.

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