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July 17, 2014

The Gate...

There is a gate that each of us has unknowingly passed through. This gate opens only one way... once we have passed through this gate we cannot return to the other side. Each of us stepped through the gate at a different time and in a different way. This gate opens to the world
of parents whose children have died; it is their gate to every tomorrow.
There is no other place that compares with life in this world beyond the gate; there is no sorrow like the sorrow inside the gate. The numbing pain and perpetual agony we experience when first stepping through this gate is so overwhelming that we often don’t immediately realize that there will be no return. 
The new world inside the gate is populated with friends who are strangers and strangers who are friends.
Our perspective on life has changed forever. Few of our friends from life before the gate will linger with us now; these people are now the strangers. Our pain is all encompassing; they have lives to live, things to do, plans to make, happiness to capture. Rare is the friend who stands by us inside the gate.... stands by us until one of us dies and leaves the world inside the gate.
The strangers who are now friends live inside the gate with us. Some have just come through the gate; others have been here a long, long time. But these strangers who are now friends share our experience; they understand our need to talk about our children, each life and each death. They applaud our tiny advances toward acceptance and serenity and peace. Although we can never go back to life before the gate, we now have our compassionate friends… once strangers but now kindred souls who share our lives and our world.
Life will not be the same again, yet life can be good again. Inside the gate we will each find ourselves with the help of our new friends. They listen carefully to stories about our child. They know our child’s name better than they know our name.
And that’s how we want it to be... remember our children. Remember with us....

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