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May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

A poem written by my Son David:

hey mom, been at work all day just got home,
I know we dont talk as much as we used to anymore,
i know we dont see eachother as much as we used too,
but always remember:
i love you just as much,
I think about how you are doing just as much
i miss you way more then before,
you are no less of a mother,
noone can EVER replace you.
every thing i am, everything ive done, everyone i meet is all because of you.
i oww you my life because you gave it to me, it was yours first.
Thank you for my computer im typing this on,
thank you for this next hit of oxygen,
thank you for becka,
thank you for this smile, 
thank you for letting me know my brothers and mom and dad,
thank you for all those years of diapers, 
thank you for all those nights you held my head for hours to help me sleep with those headaches every day as a kid.
thank you for every tear i ever shed happy and sad, i would never know these feelings without you.
Thank you for making me the man i am today,
thank you for the life i have now.
Most of all, thank you for being a mom.
Today is your day and i hope it is every bit as awesome as you are.

A Picture made by my Son Joseph:
I Am Blessed with Wonderful Sons...

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