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September 3, 2013

I'm gone...

Author: Unknown

If you should wake tomorrow
and find that I'm not here
remember how much I love you
and please don't shed your tears.

For my life on earth is over
My days have been fulfilled
I did what God intended
My rows have all been tilled.

Just think of me with smiles
Hold my memory in your heart
For if you don't forget me
We'll never be apart.

For all the loves I held so dear
I'll be there by your side
watching, standing over you
I'll always be your guide.

And if one day you feel a sense
a whisper in your ear
Don't be alarmed, it's only me
to let you know I'm near.

And if we never got to hug
or say the word goodbye
Please, don't have a broken heart
and sit around and cry.

Remember that I loved the Lord
and made my peace within
I prayed for his forgiveness
He washed away my sins.

So if I die tomorrow
and the sun for you won't shine
Just look up towards the heavens
I'm with the Great Divine

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