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September 2, 2013

Happy Heavenly Birthday Greggy...

22 Years ago today at 1:51 PM you came into my world! I can still remember the first time I 

held you. My perfect little boy! How happy I was! The hopes and dreams I had for you, I 

could only imagine who you would be when you grew up. For 18 years, 7 months, & 24 days, I 

watched you grow. Did you know how much I loved you? Did you know that when ever you 

were hurt how it tore at my heart? Did you know how Proud I was of you at each 

accomplishment you made thru your life? Did you know that no matter what, I was always 

there for you? Did you know how happy I was that last day when you told me you loved me 

and had to work on your studies? What happened that night that made you go off the road 

and hit that tree? Today as I remember that night 22 years ago I still remember going into 

Labor & giving birth to you on Labor Day. You've been gone now for 3 years, 4 months, & 6 

days and instead of telling you happy birthday, celebrating this day with you I can only hope 

and pray that you know and hear me when I tell you thank you Greggy for the 18 years, 7 

months, & 24 days you gave me! Thank you for coming into my life and letting me be a part of 

your life! So today on your birthday I remember your life and I wonder who you'd be today! 

I Love you Gregg and miss you so much. I so wish you could be here today, but today I thank 

God that he let me have you for for the time I was blessed with, then never to have had you! 

My gift to you on your birthday is my Love and prayers sent to you and my gratitude that 

you were in my life! I Love You My Sweetie Pie...

Happy Heavenly Birthday Greggy Jr.

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