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April 20, 2013

Help for those who are grieving...

I've been traveling this journey of grief for 35 1/2 years so please allow me to share with those of you who are new on this journey........

The initial pain is of such magnitude that we become locked in that nightmare moment that seems to have no end. Be kind to yourself and grieve at your own pace and somewhere along the pathway of this journey you will once again see light and embrace all the cherished memories of times shared with your child. I told myself "if not for my child I would never have known the ultimate depths of pain" and almost in the same breath I told myself " My child was worth all this pain just to have had him in my life for 19 years."
I was the Mother who many said would never survive once my Glen was gone but in my darkest hour I came to know my truest strength and remembering my son's words to me.... Mom, you can do anything. 

Now my prayers are for others who follow behind me on this journey we share so close your eyes and say this too shall pass, taking one day at a time. 
May God embrace each of you with his love, fill you with his mighty strength and touch you with his healing power God loves you and I do too!.

written by: Eve Shannon

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