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April 26, 2012

Another Year

by Brenda Penepent

Another year has come, And you're, so far away from me now; But in my heart still. Forever, I will hold you close. Each smile, laugh and tear I’ve cried A testament to your presence. I will always love you, No matter what happens. Your death can not separate us. I’m right here, loving you as always. My heart is true and strong. I will never forget your spirit. I am no longer afraid. To live or die is the same for me. You are with me on this journey. I raise your light to the heavens, and smile.

April 23, 2012

A Letter to and from My Baby...

His 104th Week in Heaven...
Good morning Greggy,

I wanted to write and say

104 Weeks now since you've been away,

Mom's been thrown into a whirl

Trying to survive each day

With a heart dead to this world...

And yet I live in peace

Knowing where you are...

God meets me in my grief

And despite you've gone afar,

I sense you here beside me

Pure in spirit and sweet ~

It's God's gift to me,

A dear and special treat.

His time-zone is instant

In spirit-world, tis true,

So though you're very distant,

You reach me when I'm blue:

When I feel my heart crushing

Till I can bear no more,

That's when He sends you rushing

To remind me what's in store...

"Mom, I'm so happy

Your prayers for me came true~

So now I'm truly laughing

Amazed at what God can do!

Remember all you told me:

When you're sad, keep looking up!

"If on earth your cup is empty,

In Heaven, He'll fill your cup!

Take your eyes off your burden

Give it, instead, to Him;

When death pulls the curtain

Your life starts over with Him!

And with any tears you shed there,

He'll water your gardens Here;

And for any burdens you bear there,

He'll draw you even closer Here!"

Thank You Lord for my child's sweet communion,

Thank You his name is written on Your hands,

Thank You his name is seared onto Your heart,

All the love for him, my own heart commands

Could never for him, true Life impart.

Thank You for suffering Your own Child's death,

That He willingly gave up His own life's breath

That we'll have Life with You, and Love's sweet reunion!

April 18, 2012

Desi & Joey

Desi & Joey

April 18  -  Joe and I. Sorry its soooo dark. There wasn't much light outside
Christina Back Whale Both of you are smiling & that's ALWAYS Wonderful to wake up to... :-)

After I lightened it up a little...

Don't they look happy!?

They had gone to the The Marshall Tucker Band!
At the SR Perrott 50th anneversary party!

April 2, 2012

The Day My Husband Quit Our Marriage...

Less than 2 years after our youngest son died at the young age of
18 years, 7 months, & 24 days old;
My husband of 23 years has decided he no longer wants to be married to me.
How can I Rest?