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December 5, 2011

Who do you think you are?

When you were born, you entered this world with partial amnesia –
these reminders will make your life happier, easier, and more fulfilling.

 1. You are an eternal soul (a Being of Light), who lives primarily in the spirit world. You chose your current lifetime in physical reality aboard Spaceship Earth – as a student enrolled in “The Human Experience” – to achieve spiritual growth in a universe of duality.

 2. You carefully selected your gender, race, color, nationality, culture, religion, talent, education, occupation, economic and social status, health, and other personal characteristics. All your choices will provide lessons you will learn – and lessons you will teach others.

 3. You picked out your physical body – the “Earth suit” you’re wearing – to function in this space-time dimension. One day it will stop working (it will die), and you will continue to exist.

 4. You mutually chose your primary relationships: parents and grandparents; siblings, marital partners, biological and adopted children, and pets (if any); friends and enemies; and many more. Be aware that every person and every experience is your teacher.

 5. You came here to learn how to love (accept) every person unconditionally. To master this ultimate lesson, treat everyone with loving kindness, including yourself.

 6. To assure abundance: be humble – serve others lovingly – express gratitude often – be understanding, compassionate, and forgiving – acquire serenity, courage, and wisdom – nurture others and yourself – laugh freely – always do your best – and celebrate life joyfully.

 7. Learn to tune into, trust, and act upon your intuition. It offers clarity, insight, and practical guidance for all situations, and it will empower you to make your best decisions.

 8. If you can’t recall your purpose (form of service, passion) in life, pray and it will be revealed. Of course you have free will and can choose any lifestyle you’re able to create.

 9. To increase your awareness, meditate daily and listen to the “still small voice within.” This will broaden your spirituality and deepen your relationship with the Source.

 10. You will receive everything you need for your spiritual growth – but not necessarily what you want. Your soul plan and consciousness determine the experiences, people, and things you will attract. Do not judge others – you don’t know what they came here to learn.

 11. Like the leaves on a huge tree, all people are connected to each other and are part of the Source. Do everything you can to relieve suffering. Inspire healing, harmony, and unity.

 12. When your physical body dies (when you graduate), you will bring with you all the love and kindness you have shared, your memories, and the lessons you have learned.

 13. After your transition, you will have a life review. You will relive every thought, feeling, word, and action of your entire lifetime – and experience how they affected everyone else.

 14. Remember: You are a Being of Light (an immortal spirit). You enrolled in “The Human Experience” to learn kindness, compassion, love, forgiveness, gratitude, peace, wisdom, etc. Eventually your physical body will die, and you will return to heaven. There you will have joyous reunions with all your deceased loved ones, who will be looking forward to your arrival.

 15. Love one another. Serve one another. Honor the Source. Life and love are eternal.

 © 2010 by Bill Guggenheim, coauthor of Hello From Heaven!?


  1. Thank you so much for todays post. So many things centered on me and my life here and helped me to renew my efforts to make the most of this earth life.

    Wonderful post

    bert and my vikcie

  2. Bert's Vickie sent me over.
    Lovely thoughts. I'm sure I'm return often.

  3. Thanks you two! I've been going through a lot lately, Blessings to you both...


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