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November 10, 2011

It's That Time Of Year

It's that time of year
The holidays are drawing near
Memories flood your brain
Even though things have changed
You are not the same
And nothing is clear
You take one day at a time
The only way you can ease your mind
You wish it will go by fast
Not wanting to make it last
And nothing is fine
The night now settles in
Your heart aches deep within
Memories come and go
But you just don't know
When or where to begin
The night is fading fast
You fell asleep at last
Now the sun shines bright
Still nothing seems to be right
You still relive the past
Someday you will know
When you are ready to grow
It is not easy my friend
The pain won't ever end
Why does time go by so slow?
These are the days my friend
They just repeat again
So as I try to grow
I know you just don't know
When I will ever mend
Now do not judge me too
After what I have been through
My pain, my sorrow and my grief
With no signs of any relief
I pray it never happens to you

Author : Robert Walters Sr.

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