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October 23, 2011

Welcome To Our Family

(Photo from 2006)
I wanted to tell you on this day;
How much you mean to me;
And welcome you with open arms
into our family...

It was so easy for me to see ;
Right from the very start
The special way you loved my son;
The kindness in your heart...

Thank you for the happiness;
you have brought into his life;
I know that he is very proud;
to have you as his wife...

And on the day that you shall wed;
How happy I will be;
For my son will gain a loving wife;
And a daughter will be given to me...


  1. Lovely couple :)
    Great lines....Reminds me of a beautiful sonnet :)

  2. Thank you for your comment & also thank you for reminding me I have a blog!! I need to update you all with tons of photos from the wedding!!

  3. Ya I know the feeling :)
    My blog also went through an inertia until recently....Glad could dust off the cobwebs ;) N do Upload the pics :) Would love to see 'em :)


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