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October 8, 2011

Oh those were the days...

Okay, when Greg & I first met... We both used 110 Baud modems & if they didn't connect we would make fax machine sounds with our voice to get connected... Now this was before the Internet, my computer would call his computer & we would connect & chat "online" There were NO Photos "online" or even on our computers! When we chatted, our text would come across to the other person 1 character at a time & if we hit the backspace key to delete a letter, the other person would see it! Greg was using a Commodore 64 & I was using a Tandy 1000EX... We didn't have Hard-drives, we used 5 1/4" square floppy disc's to hold the program & the text we added... Then we moved to 3 1/2" square floppy disc's. When we did get a hard-drive it was 5 MEGS, the size of a sack of flour, & cost about $1000.-
This is funny to me, because Greg just bought another 4 GIG Memory Stick at Walmart for $5.

Back then we used a 110 Baud Modem
Today we use a 3,000,000 Baud Modem
(Yes,  that's 3 MILLION)

I guess this tells you my age... LOL

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