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October 11, 2011

God is Never "Too Far Off"

Some people say God's "too far off"
To put bread on our table,
That this remains for us to do,
As long as we are able.

But where they got this notion,
Remains a Mystery,
For I am certain God is but
A Breath away from me,

He is a part of daily life,
And everything I do,
He's always taken care of me,
And will continue to.

He didn't put me in this world,
To leave me all alone,
My deepest needs are His concern,
Because I am His own.

God is never "too far off"
His love is everywhere,
And in believing this, each cross,
Is easier to bear.

Within my life He always plays
The most important part,
For Gos is never "too far off"
Who lives within my heart!

~Grace E. Easley

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