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October 2, 2011

Future Shock

September 4 ~ ITR reflections...

Future Shock: I am a survivor of future shock. I have lived through a period of profound, disorienting social, political and worldwide change. My life has moved quickly, so quickly that my head sometimes spins and I feel lost. Today, rather than get lost in being lost, I will use my day to begin to be found. The journey before me has not been traveled as yet. There are paths open to me that have never been opened up before in history. This territory is raw. It is uncharted, it is wide open to a journey of the mind and the soul. Where others explored and mapped out the territories of land, it is the task of my era to explore and map out the territories of the mind and spirit. The world I find myself living in is concrete and natural, but it also contains the manifestations of the human imagination.

I am an explorer.

Without an organizing center, post modern man is lost, wandering in a wilderness of confusing plurality but, paradoxically, being bereft of set moral landmarks, he is in a unique position to undertake a new journey.

by: Sam Keen

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