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September 23, 2011

A Message to my Sons...

I sat down today and thought about time
Thought about the day I run out of mine
Wondered if I’ve done enough to let you know
How much I love you; Did I help you to grow?
Have I taught you the most that I possibly could?
Did I make life and love something you understood?
Did I cover the bases and reach out for more?
Did I give you the tools for what life has in store?
It took me a while as I sat and pondered
Is there anything else that they might have wondered?
You know that I love you I hope that you do
My life wasn’t blessed until I had you
Do you know the importance of God in your life?
Do you know that with him you’ll handle any strife?
How important it is to continue to learn?
How bridges are useless if you let them burn?
Will you remember the lessons that I’ve tried to teach you?
The moments spent together when I tried to reach you?
I hope that I‘ve taught you all that I can
I know in my heart that you’ll all be good men
You’ll treat people with kindness but not be a fool
I hope someday you’ll finish school
You’ll see that the grass is not always greener
When you find the right woman, you’ll know how to treat her
You’ll stand up when it’s needed, defending your rights
Please be careful to only choose the right fights
Not everything matters as much as it may appear
Sometimes forever is gone the next year
Remember that rage is a destructible emotion
It’ll drown and consume you quicker than any blue ocean
Keep close to each other whatever it may take
Family is important, don’t let that bond break
Try to learn something from every mistake
Old adage or not- Give more than you take
Let your conscience guide you through troubling days
Hearts can confuse you, put you in a haze
If you won’t be able to look in a mirror
Know it’s a situation that you should stay clear
I hope that this helps, that it somehow provides you
With all that you’ll need and on some level guides you
To become the men I know you can be
Respectable, loving, happy and free
My dreams for you, I hope I‘ve shown
The rest you’ll have to learn on your own
I love you my sons, don’t ever forget it
Go live your lives now and never regret it...

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  1. You boys sure are lucky to have a Mom like yours!


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