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September 14, 2011

The Crowd Rushed By


The crowd just rushed on by,
As I began to cry.
It wasn't that they didn't care,
Or didn't know that I was there.
They didn't know my loss,
Or bare my heavy cross.
They didn't feel the pain I felt,
Or have the cards that I'd been dealt.
The world continued on,
Not knowing you were gone.
But in the crowd all going home,
They didn't know I felt alone.
One day the pain will dim,
And ease the grief within.
I will not need to shout aloud,
To tell the passing, silent crowd.
I'll cry till that days dawn,
And even then I'll mourn.
As I rejoin the passing throng,
To once both you and I belonged.
My life won't be the same,
I'll grieve you once again.
But I alone will feel the pain,
As I rejoin the crowd again.

© 2010 Dick Underwood

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