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August 13, 2011


by Shari Soklow

On the wings of an angel on the wings of a prayer, I send my love to you dear son, my wish that I was there! With you now in Heaven, beside you forevermore! Just to see my precious child is all I am living for! I don’t know what you are doing now, what Heaven’s all about! But I do know that you are safe, and at peace, of this, I have no doubt! God is in Heaven, Jesus is there too, and all those righteous souls we loved, have hugged and wrapped their loving arms around you! I don’t think you are an angel, at least you were not while here on earth, but I have loved you anyway, from the moment of your birth!

As for wings, do you have them? And fly around each day? It makes me kind of laugh and smile to think they may get in your way! Not all angels live in Heaven, I know some right here on earth! They give such love and kindness, so very priceless is their worth! We are all Angels in disguise when we truly care about each other! God knew what HE was doing to create a precious mother! So I send my love to you dear son and wish the day would come, when I can finally join you in Heaven, and fly instead of run!

Things on earth are different now, not like when you were here! I close my eyes from time to time pretending that your near! All my joy went with you, it left on that sad day, If like a bird I just had wings, I would simply fly away! I would fly right up to Heaven, and knock on Heaven’s door! I would hug you all, so very tight, and be lonely never more!

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