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August 9, 2011


by Shari Soklow

I am not afraid to die!
I will look God right in the eye,
as I pose the question why?
Some folks seldom have a bright tomorrow,
leading lives of misery and sorrow!
Why are some folks living a life of ease,
while others are dying of a horrible disease?
Why have innocent children suffered beyond belief?
Their prayers not answered and no relief!
The parents hearts that are broken forever,
as they long to be back with their children together!
Is this your plan for us, that suffering we must?
Why should we love you and why should we trust?
Certainly a real father would compassion clearly show!
If my father were God, this would the world know!
Take a lesson from one man who I loved more than life,
For he would never cause this heartache,
misery and strife!
Look what has happened to the beautiful world
we all live in!
The greed and the hatred, the fighting, torment, and sin!
God Almighty, please let us all know...
Why is life such a mystery as you did bestow?
You made good and bad for all to feel and see...
But to take our children is life’s cruelest destiny!
I pray all our loved ones are safe in heaven above!
Then you will be a God who shows HIS children,
More Than Love!

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