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August 17, 2011


Today we will be tested in regards to what we have moved through or gained strength in recently. Will you go back into hiding, or will you put into practice what you have learned?

There is a lot of SELF within this card... as in self LOVE, self acceptance, self appreciation etc... Do you have the courage today, to look into your eyes today and tell you how proud you are of you and... how much you LOVE you? As you honor and LOVE who you are, you come further out of hiding and step fully into your self. Into your beauty, grace, LOVE and full presence!!

Do your best not to allow yourself to be affected by external factors today... especially people getting you down. Pull out those tools you have learned recently and hold your ground and truth!!!

Working with affirmations to strengthen your mind and emotions today could be very helpful too...

Allow your SELF to be your  Friend!!

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