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August 26, 2011

Our Special Dance

In my dreams we dance,
In life denied the chance;
You in a tux, me in a gown,
A more handsome couple
Could never be found.
The music so divine,
The dance full of grace;
Like this you are mine,
Without tears on my face.
We must meet in dreams,
There is no other way;
For this is our chance,
To dance, laugh and play.
I treasure each moment
That I spend with you;
We only have this,
Cause who ever knew?
The end would come
Before I had the chance,
To be in your arms
For our own special dance.
So we’ll just keep dancing
To our own magic tune;
‘Til I’m with you again,
I pray it will be soon.
The music so sweet,
I hear in my ears:
Each special melody
Brings its own tears.
But when we dance
I can smile;
For we are together
For just awhile.
~by JoAnn Zimmaro, Abington, Pa
written in loving memory of her son Chris
for the Mother/Son Wedding Dance that will never be....

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