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August 15, 2011

My Son Is Dead...

Tammy Brown in loving memory of Larry Brown

forever gone away from me
is his beautiful face
his smile
that is the light
in my darkest of days

forever gone away from me
is the music of his gentle voice
the mystery in his mesmerizing
peridot eyes

forever gone away from me
are my grandbabies
that would have been
that should have been

my son is dead
his body lies in a casket
buried under a cold
hard mound
I visit his headstone
in a cemetery’s consecrated ground

I speak to the air I breathe
and I hope
and oh God how I pray
that somehow
his spirit can hear what I have to say

my soul cries out for him
every moment of every day
my spirit is defeated
for this anguish will never
not for as long as I breathe
fade away

my son is dead
my heart is broken
shredded and torn
no matter who is left
or who may be born

as you look at me
into my eyes
pause for a minute…

before your expression
turns to pity
and the words
flow out of your mouth
stop for just a moment
and please ask yourself

would I be willing
to trade my child for hers
because he is in a better place?

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