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August 24, 2011

The Loss of a Child

For some people life can be so unfair;
You have no right to complain unless you’ve been there.
The loss of a child is too much to bear;
Why do only some people have to suffer such loss?
It ruins one’s life, too much of a cost,
So much has been lost, our future together is gone.
Life’s lessons are hard but I didn’t need to learn;
I already knew life’s too short,
live each day to the fullest…
I had a great life until this.
People say “Life’s not fair” but what do they know?
Their complaints so pointless, they don’t have a clue,
Their losses so trivial compared to the loss of a child;
You only have the right if you do know.
Mothers, I’m speaking to you,
if you’ve lost a child you bore;
You’ve lost your soul, only you could know.
A loss such as this makes me constantly cry,
A loss such as this makes me want to die,
A loss such as this, I hope you will never have to know.

~By Wendy Bieberle


  1. Thank you for sharing. I'm sorry for your loss. No words can fill the gaipong hole you experience. I pray for healing and strength when tough times come about.


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