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August 31, 2011

In The Spring...

in the spring a young mans fancy turns to love,
in tree tops high he sees the mating of a dove,
then he finds her a house somewhere,
and with one kiss a love they share,
this is the first season of life.

in the summer he gives her a wedding band,
as hot winds blow they walk together through the sand,
then they have a family,
first comes one then two then three,
this is the second season of life.

then comes autumn green leaves turn to gold,
thier two daughters have husbands,
thier son has arrived,
their grand-children have reached number nine,
this is the third season of life.

in the winter an old mans hair has turned to snow,
his dreams have gone with the north winds that blow,
for she has gone so he must go where she has gone,
this is the fourth season of life.

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