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August 7, 2011

If I Could Bring You Back!

by Shari Soklow - For her son Howie

If I could bring you back from heaven,
I would never let you go!
If I could bring you back from heaven,
the whole world would simply know!
I would shout it from the rooftops,
to every mom and dad!
And no one in this whole wide world,
would ever again be sad!
For on your arm, there would be,
another mothers child.
Then on and on forever,
as we all with joy go wild!

All our precious children,
back with us that glorious day!
If only I could bring you back,
into my arms to stay!

They say your in a better place,
better than by my side?
Maybe there is some truth to that,
although it hurts my pride!

This earth life can be a good life,
as far as earthly lives do go...
But heaven must be so much more
than we could ever know!

If there is a God in heaven
to Him I want to say,
Death took my family, one by one,
please hear what I do pray!

Its time to end the mystery, Lord!
Heavens secret must reveal,
What happened to our precious loved ones
that cruel thief, death, did steal?

Are they safe in some far off place,
waiting for us to arrive?
Is it true we never die, just continue to survive?
Yes I have many questions, and I have a right to know?

Open up your heart Dear God, please, just tell us so?
Our shattered hearts are broken, our loss has turned to rage!
Death has bonded us forevermore,
... us survivors on grief's page!

If we could only bring them- ALL- back from heaven!
Lord, please give us a true sign from above?
Only then will our shattered souls be whole again!
And our hearts, and lives be filled with, "More Than Love!"

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