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August 21, 2011



As I wake up every morning,
My heart breaks again and again.
You're the first thing on my mind,
Happy life has been left behind.
I miss your smiles, your hugs...
the way you made me laugh;
We have lost so much
Now that you have passed.
I can't believe you're gone,
The pain too much to bear;
I think of you always;
It's just so unfair.
You were far too young,
No chance to mature;
You would have been a great dad,
Of that I am sure.
A part of me died too,
I would happily go in your place;
I'll never understand why,
It has to be a mistake.
I'm trying to survive,
The best that I know how;
I wish I could have you back.
It's too late for that now.
My son, I'll always love you,
I'll meet you there someday;
Until that time shall come,
In my heart you'll stay.

~By Wendy Bieberle

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