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August 6, 2011

"Far Journey!"

by Shari Soklow

Our children went on a 'far journey’ for just a little while. How deeply we do miss them, their sweet laughter and their smile. They left us all with broken hearts, and sorrow without end... Our shattered hearts and souls so split, we will never, ever, mend! We, the survivors, go on to our living, but whose fate is really the best? Maybe life is just a school and our children have passed the test! So then death is just a Graduation, the reward for being alive! Heaven must be our real home, a place where all our loved ones thrive! Heaven is not so far, you see, our kids are just a breath away... So dry those tears and lose those fears and listen to what I say! Every moment, each one of us is dying, while in the midst of life we seem! And when we are in the midst of death, life becomes like a dream! These bodies that we cherish so, are temporary, not meant to last forever... Who knows the ‘Great Designers Plan’ it may turn out to be very clever! We must all focus on our lives, and live well, to honor those who have gone before! For in the blink of an eye we too shall die, and meet at Heaven’s door! As for our loved ones, their bus was ready first, moms and dads, ours is on the way! Go on and live your best life, try, just a little, moment by moment, day by day! That bus will soon be coming even if it takes a little while! And Greggy will be there to greet you with sweet laughter, hugs and a smile!

By Shari Soklow
- In Loving Memory For Her Beloved Son Howie
- In memory of Professor Howard E. Langer (Howie)

- In Loving Memory of Gregory E. Whale, Jr

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