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August 20, 2011

The Day The Earth Stopped Spinning

When I lost my child the earth ceased to spin.
The moon will not rise, the tide won’t come in.
The sun insists on having its way,
Blasting its rays and rising each day.
Another day comes, my child is not here;
Another day comes, I live my worst fear.
Each morning I wake with the same painful thought;
Why am I here when my sweet child is not?
All moments that pass I question this fate;
While other lives carry on, I sit and I wait.
I wait for an answer, for some reason why…
Praying for it to be me that could die.
Through my sorrow and grief I have made a life choice;
To keep my son’s memory alive and give him a voice.
I share stories of my son and the man he would be;
a boy who lived life and was a hero to me.
Who would grow up and make the world a better place;
Who would save the seas and the oceans from the human race.
When I lost my child the earth ceased to spin.
But the moon still must rise and the tide must come in.
And since the sun insists on having its way,
I will live in my child’s memory each and every day.
~By Kim Turner

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