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August 12, 2011

Are You An Earth Angel?

by Shari Soklow

Today is the day I see and feel there are 'earth angels' among you! The goodness in you, to look out for your sister in sorrow, qualifies you to be an angel. The pure love we all have and share for our most precious, beloved children, makes us bereaved mothers angels. The strength of character to go on with our shattered lives in the midst of life's most unbearable sorrow, the ultimate test, losing a precious child, makes us angels. An earth angel does not have to be a real angel or biblical angel, An earth angel trusts in the God of her heart to watch over all her loved ones, on earth, as well as in heaven. An earth angel is not so arrogant to think that the God of her heart stopped here, with this one life. She is open minded enough to see the true spirit and beauty of life and know deep in her soul that it was meant to be everlasting, not just for some of the people, some of the time, but for all of the good people, forever and ever, amen.

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