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July 15, 2011

Without you!

by Shari Soklow

I can't do this life without you!
It's too hard for me to be strong!
I am broken in too many places,
and will be now, the rest of my life long!

Nothing has prepared me for this journey...
Never before, have I felt this excruciating pain!
My most precious gift in life, my child, was taken!
You are gone from me, and now your heavens gain!

Tell me, how do I just go on living?
Everything around me seems the same!
But I am now a very different person!
Cursing the fate that took my child and was to blame!

Friends and family really do not get it!
They think I can handle this, and in time move on!
My very heart and soul forevermore is broken,
It is no wonder to them I seem so withdrawn!

Some days I feel so very angry!
Anything at all can make me seethe!
When I think too deeply how I miss you...
My child you were the very air I breathe!

I wish the years of my life to go by very quickly,
so I can join you and once again feel whole.
When you left, all my joy of living, went right with you.
Now I am just an empty shell without a soul!

If God truly had a little mercy...
HE would ease the pain of a mothers, shattered, suffering heart!
Torture and torment is what I am left with...
Just a little mercy, until the day we never have to part!

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