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July 17, 2011

I'm Sorry...

I’m sorry, I thought I knew.
I’m sorry you lost your child.
Surely time will heal your hurt,
...Your suffering, your pain.

I’m sorry, I thought I knew.
How deep it must hurt.
The sadness of losing your child…
The ache in your heart will go away.

“Oh, it will take time,
You need to mourn, it is good for you.”
“I’m sorry but it will get better.”
“I’ll be there for you.”

I’m sorry for how long it’s taking.
I didn’t know you were still grieving
And your thoughts were consumed
Every moment of every day.

I’m sorry I didn’t know that
You don’t get over it.
Time may soften the pain but
You never completely heal.

I’m sorry, for now I know
Of your true pain,
Your true loss,
Your true sorrow,
For I too have lost my child.

By Stewart Levett - TCF Colorado Springs, CO

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