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June 18, 2011

You Matter To Me

by: Renee Williams

The dishes pile up you know it don't matter
The house is a mess, everything is scattered
I don't care about that, just leave me alone
Let the doorbell ring, don't answer the phone
Let me drown my sorrow in just one more drink
It numbs the pain, I don't want to think...

"Mama, I don't care about dishes or the shape the house is in
It's you that I care for, I know where you've been
It killed you to lose me, mama, I was gone so quick
But mama I'm free now, I can never be sick

I play with the saints and watch over you
Mama make me proud of the things that you do
Your tears can fill rivers they fall like rain
But mama please listen and let me heal your pain

You used to pray to the Lord, my soul to keep
You did it each night before I went to sleep
It worked mama, it worked like a charm
I am in heaven mama, in loving arms

I know your arms are empty but you have much love to give
It's hard for you, mama, but your life you must live
Put the bottle away and look to the sky
That cloud is for you, the white one up high

Do you remember the rainbow I showed you this spring
Or the bird in the treetop with joy he did sing
My gifts for you mama since you gave me so much
I do miss you mama, I miss your sweet touch

But I am with you mama every where that you go
But you must listen to see me this much I know
Your sorrow is deep like a canyon of clay
But don't slide to the bottom, just make it today

You won't see me mama in the bottom of a glass
Or in the pills that they gave you, they simply don't last
I am here, mama, in the wind that blows on your face
I am song you hear, mama, in our special place

Mama I am here but please listen to me
Your heart holds me tight and there I will always be
But I send you signs too, mama, but your head must be clear
It's my way to show you mama, that I am always near."

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