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June 26, 2011

Remember Me

I'm looking down from heaven,
and all I see are tears.
When my days were spent to
make you smile for so many years.
I know I'm not there physically,
and my presence you will miss.
But through your pain and sorrow,
loved ones please remember this:

I've touched the lives of many,
with hugs and all my jokes.
Some tall, some short, some black,
some white; all different kinds of folks.
I've made so many friends,
long lasting relationships.
I was always loved by family,
they are as good as it gets.

So this is not the end for me,
remember all I've done.
Remember all the joyous times,
the laughter and the fun.
I've brought you so much happiness,
so there's no need to cry.
For as long as I am in your hearts,
then I will never die...
~Ira Wendell Bates, II~

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