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April 26, 2011

A New Path!

by Shari Soklow

I choose a new path, I choose a new way,
I am sick of suffering day by day!
Why must I keep going down this path of grief?
This is my life, I must turn over a new leaf!
I am wrapped in a cocoon of anguish and sorrow,
Longing to live a better tomorrow!
I had a child and I was the adorer...
Now I am submersed in a nightmare of horror!
I never knew I could hurt this much!
Feelings of sheer misery, depression and such!
Never again will I feel joy as before,
as when my precious son, came to my door!
His smile and laughter, a memory, only a dream...
No longer real, now it does seem!
No more hugs and kisses, "mom I am here!"
How do I survive without him is my daily fear!
Alone in my sorrow, alone in my grief,
Trying to find a moments relief!
I choose a new path, a new way to go...
A new way to communicate with the son I love so!
I feel the grief of others as I live on,
Always remembering that soon we too shall be gone!
This little bit of time we all have left here on earth,
Must have some value, as it did in childbirth!
I will be good to myself, I am all that I've got!
As I make peace with my cruel fate, and try to cry not!
Life can be empty, lonely and cruel,
The crumbs of compassion one gets from a fool!
False friends desert you and hurt you along the way,
I will find a new path to brighten my day!
I can't change what was and I don't know what will be,
but any good I get from life is solely up to me!
So I will chart my own course, find my own way,
Till I too go to heaven and with my loved ones do stay!

by Shari Soklow
♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥ In Loving Memory Of her Beloved Son Howie

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