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December 14, 2010

Pardon Me!

Pardon me for embarassing you or causing you any discomfort.
Please feel free to enjoy the sun, the sky, the trees,
your smiling partner, your beautiful children.

Yes, I just love your tree this year.
No, you never can have too much tinsel.
After all, it is Christmas!

Yes, I quite understand that you'd rather we stay away.
Its been fun, the family lunch, all these years.
But I quite understand that my incomplete family
distresses you.

Of course, I want you to have a merry christmas
to keep believeing in Santa Claus.
If you see my pain-ravaged face - and don't see my daughter -
you'll see that the sky isn't quite as blue
as you thought it was
you'll feel that the sun isn't quite as warm
as you hoped it was
And your Christmas will be - well, less merry.

And no, I wouldn't want that.
So I quite understand why we're not invited this year.
After all, what's the point?
Santa can't mend broken hearts.

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