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September 2, 2010

When You Lose A Son, It IS All Right To...

Scream in the shower;
Yell in the car;
Wail into the air;
Cry anywhere you like;
Misplace your glasses;
Lose your keys;
Forget your friend's name;
Feel hurt by those who forget you;
Get frustrated with others who "don't get it";
Talk about your child all of the time;
Beat up a pillow;
Tune Others Out;
Change grocery stores if it hurts too much;
Wear one black shoe & one navy;
Have tear stains on your tie;
Eat ice-cream for breakfast;
Cry anywhere & everywhere;
Not eat when you just can't;
Write a love letter;
Bake his favorite cookies;
Not wash his clothes so you can smell him;
Lie in his bed & cry;
Celebrate his life on his Birthday;
Talk to your pets (they understand);
Leave his room the way it is for as long as you like;
Say his name just to hear the sound;
Talk to strangers about him;
Tell Loved ones what you need;
Say "no" when you feel like it;
Cancel plans if you want;

And, One Day, when you are ready, it's alright to...
Laugh again;
Go out to dinner with friends;
Dance & feel attractive;
Look forward to something...

From Grief-Haven - A Haven of Hope...
Susan Whitmore (President)

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