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September 4, 2010

David's Eulogy...

At our Youngest Son's Memorial Service, Our Middle Son, David, stood up & said:

"... I came up with a good analogy on why my Mom called a thousand people that 1st day & why all of us here are gonna go home & tell someone else & why I'm standing here telling all of you... ---> My Brother, Greggy dying was like us, our family receiving a 50,000 Slice Pizza... It'll take a long time for us to eat that pizza, it's gonna give us a lot of heartburn, and a lot of stomach aches. But every time I talk about it, it's like giving you a slice. It doesn't mean that when we're done with that pizza it's gone, it just means that it'll be a lot easier to swallow. Right here, I'm giving away a lot of pizza. It doesn't make that 50,000 number any smaller, but it does in the long run... Every time I think about him, Every time I turn to my girlfriend & tell her that story that I just thought about, I'm giving her another piece, She's gonna have a little bit of Heart-burn in the process, but the point is, It's gonna go away..."

- He shared with us a few memories, that was able to make us all laugh & then he said: -

"... I'm glad I was able to give each one of you a piece of Pizza today... Thank You all for Being here"

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