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September 27, 2010

This Too Will Pass Away...

If I can endure for this minute

Whatever is happening to me,

No matter how heavy my heart is

Or how "dark" the moment may be--

If I can remain calm & quiet

With all my world crashing about me,

Secure in the knowledge God Loves Me

When everyone else seems to doubt me--

If I can but keep on believing

What I know in my heart to be true,

That "darkness will fade with the morning"


Then nothing in life can defeat me,

For as long as this knowledge remains

I can suffer whatever is happening

For I know God will break "all the chains"

That are binding me tight in "THE DARKNESS"

And trying to fill me with fear--


And I know that "MY MORNING" is near...

September 4, 2010

Written by our Oldest Son...

The story of my brother...
Today is a day of an old endeavor; One that we remember Back 19 years to this September; On the second, a baby beckoned. I am not a girl; I’m a boy, a boy, Oh how the room filled with joy. Life was a gift, in which we all received, but Greggy’s had no boundaries. And in its self it was hell, with the best view into heaven. I wish I could say it was an easy day; but all we could do was desperately pray. Hoping, for a full life with his family, or a quick return to God...However, Fate, is a game of dice, and even those who are so nice, Have to pay the price of those all powerful dice. And we cannot look into our destiny as if it were a book. Just like our poor boy was not a crook, only very mistook. Since without a challenge there is no good, The Lord must test us all, and many have to fall. We have to crawl, to answer our calling. And my brother was always crawling. How the time seemed so unimportant, Oh what I would give to have redeemed my long lost moments...But today is a day to remember, that lost young boy, who had to climb. Climb he did, to the very top, just in time, before that unexpected stop. Oh he hit his prime in such a shine; that little boy, who looked up at me, was now a man... A man up in the clouds...
written on: 9-2-2010 - by: Joseph E. Whale
Posted on: http://www.legacy.com/guestbook/pennlive/guestbook.aspx?n=gregory-whale&pid=142333529&cid=full

David's Eulogy...

At our Youngest Son's Memorial Service, Our Middle Son, David, stood up & said:

"... I came up with a good analogy on why my Mom called a thousand people that 1st day & why all of us here are gonna go home & tell someone else & why I'm standing here telling all of you... ---> My Brother, Greggy dying was like us, our family receiving a 50,000 Slice Pizza... It'll take a long time for us to eat that pizza, it's gonna give us a lot of heartburn, and a lot of stomach aches. But every time I talk about it, it's like giving you a slice. It doesn't mean that when we're done with that pizza it's gone, it just means that it'll be a lot easier to swallow. Right here, I'm giving away a lot of pizza. It doesn't make that 50,000 number any smaller, but it does in the long run... Every time I think about him, Every time I turn to my girlfriend & tell her that story that I just thought about, I'm giving her another piece, She's gonna have a little bit of Heart-burn in the process, but the point is, It's gonna go away..."

- He shared with us a few memories, that was able to make us all laugh & then he said: -

"... I'm glad I was able to give each one of you a piece of Pizza today... Thank You all for Being here"

September 2, 2010

When You Lose A Son, It IS All Right To...

Scream in the shower;
Yell in the car;
Wail into the air;
Cry anywhere you like;
Misplace your glasses;
Lose your keys;
Forget your friend's name;
Feel hurt by those who forget you;
Get frustrated with others who "don't get it";
Talk about your child all of the time;
Beat up a pillow;
Tune Others Out;
Change grocery stores if it hurts too much;
Wear one black shoe & one navy;
Have tear stains on your tie;
Eat ice-cream for breakfast;
Cry anywhere & everywhere;
Not eat when you just can't;
Write a love letter;
Bake his favorite cookies;
Not wash his clothes so you can smell him;
Lie in his bed & cry;
Celebrate his life on his Birthday;
Talk to your pets (they understand);
Leave his room the way it is for as long as you like;
Say his name just to hear the sound;
Talk to strangers about him;
Tell Loved ones what you need;
Say "no" when you feel like it;
Cancel plans if you want;

And, One Day, when you are ready, it's alright to...
Laugh again;
Go out to dinner with friends;
Dance & feel attractive;
Look forward to something...

From Grief-Haven - A Haven of Hope...
Susan Whitmore (President)