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August 26, 2010

Six months ago today,

Six months ago today,
was the day you passed away.
I can't believe this time has passed.
It seems just yesterday that together we laughed.
My heart still hurts, it aches with pain.
There is no cure, it will never be the same.
As it was the day before then,
I miss you so much. Will this heartache ever end?
I still wonder why. Why you aren't with us still.
Like I said before, that's not how I feel.
I feel as though you're just a phone call away.
Then I remember Six months ago today.
I will always hold a special place for you in my heart.
It will only grow bigger, till the day that I depart.
From the earth to the sky, I just cannot wait,
for the day that we meet again at Heaven's gate.
I know you brought happiness to all up above.
As you left happy memories with us filled with love.

I feel safe knowing you are watching over me.
I know that you're gone, but with me spiritually.
I'm mentally broken, I can never relive this pain.
I will always remember... Six months ago today...

by Sarah Garton.

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