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June 1, 2010

The Grain

I took up a handful of grain
and let it slip
flowing through my fingers.
I said to myself,

"This is what it is all about.
There is no longer
any room for pretence.
At harvest time,
the essence is revealed
the straw and chaff
are set aside,
they have done their job.

The grain alone matters -
sacks of pure gold.
So it is when a person dies
the essence of that
person is revealed.
At the moment of death
a person's character
stands out happy
for the person who has
forged it well over the years.
Then it will not be the
great achievement
that will matter, nor,
how much money
or possessions
a person has amassed.
These like the
straw and the chaff,
will be left behind.

It is what
he has made of himself
that will matter.
Death can take away
from us what we have,
but it cannot rob us
of who we are.

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