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May 27, 2010

Water of Life

King Solomon, very old, was sitting in his garden when he felt someone standing behind him.
He turned, and recognized the Angel of Death.
"I, Solomon, wisest man ever, must also die?", He asked.
"Yes", said the Angel of Death, "unless you drink the water of life, from paradise. Since you are Solomon, I will give you three days to get the water."

Wise Solomon asked his animal friends who would bring water from paradise.
King of birds, the Eagle, volunteered.
On the third day, the Eagle returned with a goblet of water resting on one wing.

Solomon hesitated, and turned to the animals, "Should I drink it?"
They all replied "Yes!"
Again he hesitated. "Who's missing? Not all the animals are here. Where's the fox?"
The Fox was located, and returned, so Solomon asked him "Should I drink, yes or no?"
The Fox said, "Everyone else said 'yes' so why ask me?"
Solomon: "Because you're wisest."
The Fox replied, "Well, I say it's better to die now when everyone will wail, 'Why is he dead?' than to live on until everyone wails 'Why isn't he dead?'.
Wise Solomon made up his mind, and said "Truly you're the wisest. Eagle, take the water back to paradise."

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