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February 10, 2010

Yep! We Got Hit Again With More Snow!!

So here are my Photos from this morning...
I'm Sure I'll have more later on...
Just at 10:30, less than 15 minutes ago,
I made sure there wasn't any snow on our porch!
At ONE AM, the Complex Did Shovel
& Snow-Blow the Sidewalks!
Honestly, They Did!!
This weather up in PA, is crazier than Florida!!
Can you see our car?
See the truck? Our car is just Left of it!!
Yep, all you can see is the passanger side mirror!!
Holy Crap! It's Freezing Outside!!
These are all from the Patio Door...
Thank GOD we live in an Apartment,
where they take care of the snow removal for us!!
But nobody is out in this stuff right now!
But Wait! Who's gonna take the Garbage out?
I'll go to the bedrooms & grab photos from the windows!
See ya later...


  1. Oops! I forgot to tell you...
    It'sssssssss CCCCOOOOLLLLLDDDDDDD!!!!!!

  2. Time for a hot cup of cocoa !


  3. I'm almost out of the Cocoa you gave me & almost out of Mom's Chai Tea too! With as cold as it's been, I need to keep a warm cup of something close by all the time!!

  4. Janet W. (Arizona)February 12, 2010

    Thanks SO much for the photos, Chrissy. They are great. Growing up in Pennsylvania, I remember MANY blizzards/snowstorms such as this. Here in Arizona, we are spoiled. When we get snow, it's only a few inches, and usually by mid afternoon, it's all melted unless it is in areas where the sun doesn't shine....like on certain sides of hills, etc. Your mom sent me a few pictures from her home and of Betsy in the snow, the one of Betsy turning right around and going back into the house!

    Keep warm and stay safe!


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