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February 10, 2010

Our Pennsylvania Blizzard...

Here we are, Our First Blizzard
since we moved back to PA!
Through the window Screen!
Snow just kept blowing in!
Here's our Patio!
All the Major Roads are closed
& now I know why!
This would have been the doorway to our building!
Here you can see one of the plows, trying to plow!
At least we know where the steps are
supposed to be!
But how we get over there,
I have No-Clue!
I must say though, It IS BEAUTIFUL!
It's hard to tell how high the snow actually is!
To Bad I can't push the broom
past the ice from the last storm!
How do people deal with this??
Should we have bought a Shovel??
We can't get out of the Front Door!
We're SNOWED IN...
I Miss Daytona Beach, Florida!!!
Okay, so we had to deal with some Hurricanes,
I think Blizzards are worse!!
Here is my view, from my Desk!


  1. Okay, So I'm Cold... At least I'm not Burning Hot without Electricity in Florida, for 2 weeks! Wow! Thinking back to 2004, during the Three Hurricanes... Charlie, Frances, & Jeanne; The ones that Destoyed our home! Flattened it to the ground! Okay, so maybe Blizzards aren't so bad... Heck, we have Electricity, Heat, & we went shopping before it hit!! I pray all is well... God Bless...

  2. It sure is blowing. Last storm a couple days ago we got 24 inches, then yesterday we got about 6 inches and today's storm it's about 18 + they are saying.

    With the management company we went out in this, this morning. What an experience. But, we are back home now.

    Hope seems to want to live outside in the snow and is always ringing the bells on the door knob to go out, but Gracie most of the time now, doesn't even want to go out. She doesn't like the wind.

    Well, I made a huge pot of vegetable soup to keep us warm this week. The State offices were closed today and I think I am taking off tomorrow also. I am not much for driving in the snow with a car. 4 wheel vehicle is ok, but a car just isn't made for this kind of snow storm.

    Be Safe & Keep Warm !


  3. You need to take up Skiing like Suzy and family are to make the winter worth while. I wanted to go South for the winter but John doesn't want to go anywhere

  4. Thanks for commenting Judi! We really got a lot of snow that's for sure!! One thing I figured out, is that our little dogs do not like BIG HUGE Piles of snow! We threw them both into the snow, Christmas was able to dig her way out of the snow, inside, & onto the couch! Lucy however sunk into the snow & stayed there! Greg had to bend down & dig into the snow to pull her out! Crazy huh? Melanie's Big Dogs & yours & Mikes Dogs are all much bigger dogs - so I think the bigger they are the more they love the snow! (At least more than our dogs do!! LOL)

  5. Oh my goodness, Ann, we couldn't take up Skiing right now, I couldn't handle the COLD weather at all... Maybe we need to buy an RV, move into it, & travel South for the Winter & travel North in the Summer... West in the Spring & Fall... Hummm? That actually sounds Really Good!!! Maybe by our 25th Anniversary??

  6. Wow, Its lake Wood Hills. I use to live there 8 years ago. All of the snow there does look pretty. Hope all is going well your way.


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