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December 15, 2009

Yes, We got a Christmas Tree!

  On on November 14th, My Sister Judi e-mailed me about her getting rid of one of their many Christmas Trees. She even e-mailed me a photo of what the tree looked like last year, in their formal living room. I of course, replied: "If you are truly getting rid of it, I would love to have it!! It's Beautiful... Thank You in Advance!"

So on November 23rd, I drove over to Judi's house, to pick up the tree. I already had plans to Go to the bank; pick up my 15 prescription refills; pick up the 3 Pumpkin Rolls & the 1 Nutroll we ordered from my neice Spring; go Grocery Shopping for Thanksgiving; along with picking up the Christmas Tree. So it was an extremely busy day for me. So when Judi offered some sweet tea, I was very happy! We sat and talked for several hours & during that time, I was able to relax from my busy day. 
Once I got home, I had my husband & sons carry everything in from the car. It wasn't until after Thanksgiving that we even thought of getting the tree out of the box & when we did, we found that it was a Three Piece Tree! How awesome is that? Okay, actually it's 4-piece, if we count the metal base-stand. So, Greggy got the base & connected it to the bottom of the tree, then the middle part, & then the top part. There were still strings of lights on the tree from last year, which meant I didn't have to go out & buy any! Greggy had a hard time taking them all off & putting them back on, but eventually got that done! Oops, only the bottom strand of lights went on! Greggy & I were both tired & so we went to bed. - A few days later, I got to messing with the lights, because I wanted to start decorating it. I think I touched every single light, when I called Judi and talked to her & she told me to make sure the strands were connected. I honestly thought: "Yeah okay, Greggy just took all the lights off & then put the lights back on. I think he connected them right!" But sure enough the bottom set was not connected to the next set up, because the moment I touched them - Boom! All the lights lit up!! We were on a roll... Let's Decorate!! So, me & the boys put on the decorations & it looks real nice! What do you think?
Here it is, Our Christmas Tree This year.

Can you see the Little Black & White Teddy?
That was my First Teddy!
& Yes, I know it's missing an eye!
May You All Have a Very Merry Christmas!

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  1. The Last tree Greggy decorated... I miss him...


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