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December 19, 2009

Oh We Got Snow!!

This is our Apartment Complex, today...

They are calling for up to 12 inches of snow!

I Can't Believe How Cold it is!
But Here it is! BRRR...

Of Course, The Snow Isn't Really
That Deep - Yet!

But I wouldn't want anyone,
to Drive in this stuff!

Yes, This a Picture of the snow!
You can barfely see it!

Later, Someone here at the complex
will shovel all the Steps & Sidewalks,
but until then,
they are plowing the parking lots!

Our Son, David, Helped our
Neighbors to build a Snowman!

But It's Still Cold Outside Here!

See the guy on the Mini-Plow?
He's Plowing the sidewalks!!

& Here's another guy up the hill,
Plowing also!

I Pray that everyone who has to Drive in this Cold Weather & Snow, are held in the Lord's Hands.
God Bless...

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