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December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Dear Family, Friends, & the Whole-Wide-World!
     I just had to let EVERYONE know the Good News! We just received word from my Nurse that my Pre-surgical testing will be the first week in January - and if all goes well, Surgery will be scheduled IN – JANUARY Also!!!!!! We are so excited! What a wonderful Christmas Present for us! For me to be feeling somewhat normal again!! (At least, after surgery & therapy are over with!)
     Please say a prayer that everything goes well for me. With all the medications I've been taking for the pain & depression, I've been having really bad dreams, which are quite scary for me. I want so badly to be able to get well & not take so many meds!
     I'll be having Shoulder surgery for a Completely Torn Muscle, a Partially Torn Tendon, & a Fractured bone (which is going through both my torn tendon & my ripped apart muscle). My surgeon says he will be making at least a 10 inch incision to get to everything. Because of my injury, he can't use the tiny instruments. But instead of explaining how the surgery will take place (it's easy to look up in Google), I'll just get you up to date as things progress... -->I can tell you that I've had this injury for: 3 Years & 4 months today & it's been incredibly painful, over the years. My new surgeon told me that it will be very difficult to recover 100%, but he will do his best.
     Most people have had a problem understanding how much pain I'm been going through all these years, especially since I'm able to sit and be on the computer & sometimes drive etc... But trust me, the pain Is there & although the surgery in January will be MUCH MORE Painful, I'm looking forward to it, because there Is a Big chance that eventually I'll be: PAIN FREE!!! Which is something that Greg & I are both looking forward to - BIG TIME!!!
So, in January I'll be having my pre-surgical testing & shortly after that - SURGERY!!
Yippy! & Thank You Lord!!!
God Bless You All, for being there with me, over the years...


  1. Terry (England)December 24, 2009

    Oh Chrissy, That's Wonderful news! Thanks for letting us all know, we'll be praying for you & your family during this time. What a great piece of news to receive on Christmas Eve. You have an awesome nurse.

  2. Janet Geimer - (Port Orange, FL)December 27, 2009

    I really feel Happy for you! Everything just takes time. We sometimes are so impationt. But things always seem to work out. You have gone through so much pain, for so long. I am so glad that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You also seem so happy, now that you have a place of your own. Sometimes Apartment living can be a blessing. No Work. And now you might be able to live without pain. I am really Happy for you. God can, do wonders!! Love to you.

  3. Thank You So much Terry & Janet! We are both Very Very Happy!! Knowing that I will be getting this surgery soon, is like a Sigh of Relief!! Finally, The Workers Comp Insurance Company has put in their approval!!! Oh to eventually be PAIN FREE Someday!! Oh My Goodness! Just the Thought of it, sounds so wonderful... Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  4. Celine Matz (Palm Coast, FL)December 27, 2009

    You have the Universe's best surgeon with you all of the time... ask Him to guide the earthling! Happy for you... see yourself already healed, my dear.


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