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December 19, 2009

Go Walking...

Walking is a natural, healthy and safe way to begin an effective exercise program. Whether you're young or old, you can create a regular walking program suited to your individual health needs. Our get-started guide features tips on stretching and safety, and covers the many healthy benefits associated with regular walking. We've made it easy and fun for you to start your own walking program by including a simple online Go Walking Log where you can track your progress.
Program Goals & Benefits
The goal of a walking program is to make physical activity and weight management interactive, easy and fun. For Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts members, program materials include:

     •Access to our Go Walking log
     •Weight Management and exercise tips
     •Motivational and support materials
     •Goal Setting and progress tracking tools
     •Access to a self-paced nutrition program for healthy eating

01: Have fun and do good, too! Explore the six rural acres surrounding Briony Lodge in search of the whimsical and offbeat. Newcomers to letterboxing can learn the basics, while experienced letterboxers will enjoy finding some unpublished boxes in unusual locations with beautiful surroundings. 100% of proceeds benefit local non-profit organizations.

02: People walking up - Potala hill in China/Tibet
----->towards the Potala palace

03: Now THAT's A WALK!! The Great Wall (WALK) of China!

04: Venice, Veneto, Italy

05: In the Rain

06: The Beach

07: In the Woods...

08: No Matter where you decide to walk, even if you're blind! You gotta keep it up! A little EVERY DAY! Get a Walking Partner! Of course, if it's too cold or too hot, You can go to the mall & walk or to an office building close by & walk the stairs!

09: Get your entire office in on it! Really! Get the whole office to take 10 minutes out of the lunch break to walk to the other side of the parking lot & back again! Anything Helps!

10: People Everywhere just wanna be Free! Walk, Run, & Be Free!

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