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December 6, 2009

Come Play Pogo...

This is my Christmasy Pogo Mini!

Come Join in on all the Fun!

It's free to play!

Of course, if you want
to have even more fun...

Join Club Pogo & Play
Every Single Game Pogo has;

Earn Badges & even
Badge Albums too!

Oh I can't tell you everything,

Come take a Look See!

You Know You Want To!

By The Way, I go by:

See ya Inside!


  1. Thanks, now I find myself playing battleship all night thanks to you. lol

  2. LOL - Pogo is a Great Pass-Time; When you're bored; when you're depressed; when you're happy; when you're just feeling blah... It's Crazy, but somehow Pogo always puts a smile on my face!! :) Thanks Kenley for all the positive comments on my blog posts... :)

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